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- (You have to want to) is the one word that can turn the walls in your head into bridges to your goals. You do not need talent, money, beauty or brains to be successful, all you need is the drive to want it, U-GA-WANNA or U-GA-WAN-IT!

This is the word that I invented to help my daughter help herself, the word has many uses and it could help anyone. UGAWANNA can help you motivate yourself and others to accomplish what experts think is impossible. This word can help you do the work to turn "nos" into "yeses." I see people like Oprah and Dr.Drew struggle to fully explain to their guests the core issues of when and how to help. You have to want to make the change. When you decide you have to want it, it makes it much easier to accomplish your goals; because when UGAWANNA you are making your first steps to success. Your personal powers come from your mind, so give yourself the power to tear down the walls that you have built in your head, and be the star in your dreams that you have always dreamed about. Do the impossible, prove others wrong. This is the most powerful word I know, this word can give you the power to change your problems from bad to good. Now that you know the most powerful word in the world, utilize it! UGAWANNA is the key to success. Spread the word, change your world!

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This word (UGAWANNA) is a product of Tom Kehoe

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